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Mica always knew she loved to talk. When she realized she could turn her passion into a career with radio she was hooked.  She went to university got a Journalism degree then worked as a road runner and as a presenter at a local station in Perth. But she wanted to take the next big step in her career and get a job in favorite city in the world…..Dubai! So she worked like crazy and finally landed her dream job as Presenter at Channel 4.

She’s fun, upbeat, and confident and always knows the latest celebrity gossip. Mica’s a self- confessed foodie, health freak (not sure how that works together) and anything entertainment lover. She loves to have a chat on and off air so if you see her out and about make sure you say hello.


I put chilli on almost everything I eat. So anything spicy and vegan is always a winner!


I like to Netflix and chill but I also can't deal with being in the house all day!

so i'll head to a coffee shop, the beach or go meet up with my friends somewhere.


These brown eyes are only on my partner. I'm a one man kinda lady!


I've always wanted to have a chat with Denzel Washington. The guy is crazy talented!


Hands down, Yeezy! His energy and his vibe was unreal.


I lose, break and forget things almost everyday and i'm terrible with names!


I'm pretty sure I called Bruno Mars once, does that count?